Since the most authentic moments and connections  lay in the everyday routine, I love to capture the essence of your family in day in life documentary sessions.

Day in Life brings the art of photojournalism to family photography. It allow to write the most beautiful of all stories: yours. Your life as it is in everyday life with those tiny moments that are meaningful to you like having breakfast together, baking a cake, go to the playground or to the woods, having a pillow fight or bed time for the kids.

I love to capture your raw emotions and moments of laughter or tears, calm or chaos and above all: your true love. All these moments put together in a fine art album will become precious treasures to your family for the years to come.

During the documentary session, I will naturally merge with your family and the attention for the camera will soon fade. No preparations are needed and just living your everyday life will allow me to capture the essence of it on film.

Happy life

280 €
  • Up to 2h of documentary session
  • A slice of life in your family life: a family outing, an after school or a week-end morning at home

Life is art

420 €
  • Up to 3h30 of documentary session
  • A half-day family documentary session to capture even more wonderful moments.
  • A unique opportunity to create great memories with your family.