My passion for photography began long ago when I was gifted a camera for my 18th birthday. From this day I traveled around the world with my  camera and the beautiful landscapes and wonderful light inspired me to take pictures. 

 Then, the joy of becoming a mother reinforced my artistic eye. I discovered the happiness of seizing the present moments with my children growing up: their games and laughter, their imagination, their joy of discovery and the variety of emotions I could feel.  My passion for capturing raw emotion and true moments grew more and more!

 And little by little it became obvious that I wanted to live my passion and to tell unique stories to last a lifetime. So, I decided to quit my position of professor in biomechanics to become a professional documentary photographer.

 A great turn that changed my life. Indeed, photography helps me to live life more intensely and to see beauty around me. It is also a beautiful human adventure full of simple encounters. Finally, photography is for me a great game that connects me with my inner child, my sense of wonder and imagination. Indeed, I like to play with light, composition to create pictures of those moments and emotions I feel deeply.

This year I was so happy to have my artistic approach recognized by various international groups of photographers to which I belong. Indeed, I  had more than 20 award-winning photos at the lastest rounds of the Family Photojournalist Association (FPJA), Lifestyle Photographers Association (LSP) and Fearless Photographers.