The era of digital photography is marvelous as it allows us to take our pictures and to share them instantaneously. However, many of those digital images will disappear in time if they weren’t printed out or will remain buried among the thousands of images on your hard drives or laptops.

It’s because photos have this great ability to let us travel back through time and to let us relive our emotions and our moments of happiness that I have this mysterious urge to get them out of your hard disks and into your lives. This way, you will be able to share these happy moments with those you love and it will give you the urge to experience many more with them.

It’s for all those reasons I would strongly advise high quality prints like fine art prints, enlargements or  photo albums. Those prints are a precious treasure and you will be proud and happy to pass them on to your children or grand-children.

Fine art

20 €
  • From  20€
  • With ou without wooden frame
  • Different sizes and fine art papers

Metal, Acrylic or
Canvas prints

90 €
  • from 90€
  • different sizes and materials

Nuggets of Life

270 €
  • a beautiful album in 20x20cm format
  • natural linen cover
  • in option : a natural wooden box with photo engraved above


350 €
  • from 350 € for a beautiful album 25x25cm
  • two different sizes: 25x25cm or 30x30cm
  • from 30 pages up to 100 pages
  • linen cover (choice between 17 covers)
  • optional: wooden box with matching album cover