Nothing is better than real life

I tell myself every day that I'm so happy to be a photographer and it's thanks to you. I want to heartfully thank all the families who trust me to capture authentic moments and create unique memories with two great powers: find your innerchild and relive these beautiful emotions.

Day in Life is a family reportage inspired by photojournalism. This reportage is there to write together the most beautiful stories: yours. Your life as it is every day with all those little moments that make sense to you like sharing a breakfast, preparing a cake, playing games in the garden, the sacred moment of the bath, or just the evening story.

Why this day in life family story is so important to me. What drives me as a photographer? What memories do I like to create and transmit? One thing is certain, I am always fascinated by the world of childhood.

Capturing the magic of childhood allows me to keep and revive my inner child while being an adult. This inner child is full of lightness and carefreeness is able to live the present moment to 200% and to marvel at the little things in life!
Through my photos, I hope that parents can also reconnect with their inner child and better understand their children when they want to play Tarzan in rainy weather … in the living room.

I invite you to browse the slideshow below which brings together all my favorite family photos of 2018.